Producto-item Descripción

SunAuto high accuracy sun tracker is equipped with GPS tracking program and active tracking sun sensor, self feedback tracking. Which enable the Sun Tracker fellowing the sun automaticly without the support of a PC. In the scenario when the sun is not visible, system will automaticly initiate GPS tracking program. When the sun is visible, the system will initiate active tracking sunsensor. Self feedback GPS tracking mode and active tracking sun sensor mode can be automaticly swtiched, working collaboratively to track the sun with less than 0.1° pointing accuracy.
SunAuto high accuracy sun tracker is easy to install. It is virtually maintenance-free installed. The tracking system is at standby mode at night time.
SunAuto high accuracy sun tracker includes?swivel table, tripod, top mounting plate(for Pyranometer mounting), side mounting plate (for Pyrheliometer, active tracking sun sensor, GPS antenna etc.). Shading ball assembly, etc.
SunAuto high accuracy sun tracker is capable of mounting two Pyranometers( for global or diffuse solar radiation) and two Pyrheliometers.