(Español) CI-690 RootSnap! Analysis Software Features:

  • Multi-touch Interface, optimized for touch-screen
  • Measurements of root length, area, volume, diameter & branching angle
  • Reports average values along with individual root data
  • Individual roots can be mapped in under 6 seconds
  • Integrated image enhancement
  • Automated “Snap to Root” functionality
  • Comprehensive image analysis package
  • Time-series root analysis feature
  • Intuitive and efficient user interface

Producto-item Descripción

Automated Root Analysis System.

Introducing RootSnap! Root Analysis System.

For years, analyzing root images has been a tedious job. Scientists have been searching for a faster more reliable method for analyzing root images. In response, CID Bio-Science is proud to announce the release of RootSnap!, a user assisted root analysis system.

RootSnap! removes hours of tedious tracing by offering a revolutionary user interface that employs a multi-touch LCD screen which allows users to more quickly and easily trace roots using their fingers. The software has tracing enhancements like the “Snap-to-Root” function which snaps root tracing points to the center of the root automatically.

Additionally, RootSnap! has integrated image enhancement features, which allow users to optimize the scanned image for more accurate processing. This eliminates the need to switch to alternate image enhancement programs.