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Scanning of living roots in the soil.

The CI-600 Root Scanner is designed to scan living roots in the soil. It is operated by a laptop computer. To obtain an image, insert the scan head into a pre-installed clear tube, and start the scanning program on the computer. The scan head will automatically rotate a full circle creating a 21.59 × 19.56 cm size high resolution image of the soil and roots. Users can easily move the scan head to different depths to scan and move from tube to tube.


  • Up to 188 million pixels super High-resolution image.
  • Linear scanning with no distortion.
  • Each scan can provide a full circle image (21.59 × 19.56 cm).
  • Very portable and quick operation.
  • Measures root lengths.
  • Allows observing root growth and behavior during an entire growing season.
  • USB interface to laptop computers for the field operation and image storage.